To the football fans who have been actively watching on Sunday afternoons, Adrian Peterson is a name that is commonly known. After being drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 2007, Peterson has taken the league by storm. Since 2007, Peterson has accumulated almost 11,800 yards rushing and 97 touchdowns. His production on the field has been one of the league's highest at the tailback position. After taking the 2014 season off and experiencing a barrage of injuries, Adrian Peterson has now become a Free Agent. With his added talents in the backfield and his ability to catch the ball, Adrian Peterson could make any team better.

Wrapping up AP

As the NFL draft approaches, NFL front offices and coaches have begun analyzing the true position of their team. They ask themselves, "How do we measure up with teams across the league?" Since the league has become more pass dominant, NFL offenses are looking for talent that can take this innovation and "run with it." Since entering the league Adrian Peterson has recorded almost 2,000 yards receiving, along with five touchdowns. When compared to another successful NFL running back, Jamal Charles, Peterson is not too far behind. Charles has 2,500 yards receiving and 20 touchdowns. Understanding that the Chiefs and the Vikings have run two different offenses, we are able to see that AP can still get it done in the air when the time comes.

His best fit would probably be a spread offense, that way he can run the ball effectively while helping out as a check down receiver when things get out of hand.

In need of a Saint

It is already out across the league that the New Orleans Saints are trying to bring Adrian Peterson on board and they sure do need him. Last season the Saints finished 16th in the rushing standings, averaging 108.9 yards per game.

In a division where running the football enables defenses to react late to powerful quarterback play, an addition like Adrian Peterson would make Drew Bress a happy camper. The last time the New Orleans Saints had an explosive back, they were playoff contenders year after year. Reggie Bush and Drew Bress carried the team as they ruled the NFC South.

It is said that the Saints are closing in on a deal with Peterson for more than 3 million dollars next season, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. One thing is certain, if the Saints are able to acquire Adrian Peterson, we might see a successful season in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.