If the account is right, the next generation of the mercedes class A is to be presented later in the year 2018 before appearing on our roads (at the latest) in 2019. This compact model, which in 2012 marked a break in architecture and style, will once again open a new aesthetic chapter.

This will emerge from the scale model 1 that Gorden Wagener revealed at a seminar on design organized last week in the Mercedes style office at Sindelfingen. Far from resting on its laurels, Mercedes (which has just taken first place among premium manufacturers) seems more than ever anxious to look after the design of its vehicles.

Soft and ribbed flanks

Next-Gen Class A family:

In light of the seminar, the red model designating the next sedan CLA, developed on the platform of Class A, imposes several levels of reading. Through this project, the influence of the last achievements of the manufacturer is clear. If the AMG-GT R inspires the grille cut-out and the vertical bars, the lines evoke the brand's latest concept cars, the IAA, and the F015.

Class A tri-Axle version:

The stylistic language of Mercedes is, therefore, evolving towards mono volume architectures. The model of the next CLA sets the course on the round, flexible shapes. At the same time, Mercedes wants to separate more clearly the different universes, and to differentiate each category of vehicles to the number of six: Maybach, luxury, EQ, SUV, Sport, and AMG.

The Class A family is in the "Sport" category. As such, the model of the next CLA sedan derived from the Class A, exhibits a drawing, different than that of a statutory limousine. Along with the wheels being positioned at the four corners, the lateral rib passing through the sides and the spoiler of the trunk back accentuate the overall dynamic of the silhouette.

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Another novelty: three thick slabs mark the carved front cover. The arc-shaped Pavilion line appears drawn with the single stroke of a pencil. In a play of light, its radius of curvature is reflected in the flanks.