By now, you've probably heard the news about Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn. One of the most talked about romances in the NFL between the "X-Men" actress and Green Bay Packers' quarterback is officially over. The pair had been dating for over three years and there was talk wedding bells were planned for the near future.

It turns out Rodgers and Munn have decided to go their separate ways but not before the Chicago Tribune got in one heck of a shot at the Packers' QB. While most news reports led with Rodgers when talking about the couple breaking up, because he is usually the most visible, having had such a successful run in the NFL, the Tribune went another way entirely.

On the paper's official Twitter account, the lead-in for the story was: "Actress Olivia Munn and boyfriend break up, according to reports."

We see what you did there Chicago Tribune

The slight given to Rodgers was so subtle, most probably missed it at first glance. Others might have seen it but though the paper was just a much bigger fan of Munn's than Rodgers'. Only those who understand just how much the Green Bay Packers and their fans and the Chicago Bears and their fans hate each other would realize this wasn't a mistake of oversight.

The Chicago Tribune decided to throw a little extra shade at Rodgers on the same day he lost his lady love. In hindsight, it's a spot of Internet genius to never mention Rodgers' name, while making sure there is a picture so it's clear who the Trib was talking about.

It seems pretty obvious the paper isn't going to be sending "thinking of you" cards to Rodgers anytime soon, despite his recent heartbreak.

Green Bay Packers have been butt of many Bears' trolls recently

If there's one thing we can learn from what the Tribune did to Aaron Rodgers, it's that Chicago apparently has quite a few first class Twitter trolls.

This is the second time in a matter of weeks the denizens of the Windy City have managed to put the Green Bay Packers in the crosshairs of form grade-A takedowns.

Back on March 31, the Chicago Bears official Twitter account noticed that Crayola was phasing out the crayon color "dandelion yellow." Noticing the color looked quite a bit like the shade in the Green Bay Packers' jersey, the team tweeted out: "Adios, Dandelion. While you're at it @Crayola, feel free to eliminate Green too." It was apparently a sick enough burn the Packers' official Twitter account couldn't come up with a response.