It seems like forever since the Cavs actually played a playoff game. Having swept the Pacers, fans were able to dissect the Raptors a lot more over the last week. We all know that both teams are loaded with stars, but a huge key in this series will be the role players. These are the four role players to watch in the upcoming second round series.

Norman Powell

Norman Powell has become huge in the offensive system for the Toronto Raptors and will be huge in the series against the Cavs. In three games against Cleveland this year, Powell averaged 12 points per game on 70 percent shooting from the floor.

The Raptors need help from everyone if they want to upset the Cavs in the second round. It will take a lot but Powell is the first key to this.

Kyle Korver

Korver hasn't been as involved in Cleveland as he was in Atlanta, but the difference is he's almost looked at as an afterthought by other teams. Still, he can make you pay at any moment. He's come up big for the Cavs this season, and being able to have a guy who can sit in the corner and play that Ray Allen spot for LeBron James is really vital to what the Cavs want to do.

DeMarre Carroll

DeMarre Carroll is a guy who is key on offense and defense for this series. He'll have the challenge of guarding LeBron James, and, while he can match up fairly well, no one can really guard LeBron.

The key for Carroll is making LeBron guard him. A lot of times the Cavs put LeBron in a spot to play help side defense and not tire out. Carroll needs to be aggressive on offense and make LeBron have to come out and guard him, which will be crucial for the Raptors.

Deron Williams

Deron Williams was a sneaky pickup for the Cavs and he has been money.

Williams is a big X-factor for the Cavs while guys like LeBron and Kyrie are resting. Williams is known to pour on the points and he has fit really well with the team. This series will be an interesting one and could bring him a lot of confidence moving forward in the playoffs.

The second round stage is set for these two teams.

The Cavaliers are by far the favorite in this series but these role players should be very vital to each team's success. The first game will be Monday at 7:00 PM EST. After seeing the first game of the Celtics and Wizards, this is setting us up for one great series between LeBron and the Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors. The Cavs have been resting for a while, but other teams have been playing and keeping in rhythm.