The Houston Texans started off their offseason by sending their 2016 starting quarterback to the Cleveland Browns and then turned their attention on sIgning Tony Romo. However, when Romo retired from the NFL, that left the Texans with shaky quarterbacks and another offseason of worries about their playoff hopes. However, in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Texans decided it was time to find a quarterback in the draft instead of relying on free agents as they have done in the past. What resulted was Houston drafting Deshaun Watson in the first round of the draft and finally finding the man they hope will lead them to a championship.

Texans Best Pick

Deshaun Watson comes to the Houston Texans with high expectations. College coach Dabo Sweeney called Watson the next "Michael Jordan" before the 2017 NFL Draft and said Houston "just won a Super Bowl" after the drafted him. That is high praise from a college coach who worked with Watson for the past few years. Houston gave up two first round pick to choose Watson, but many people believe that Houston was one quarterback away from a Super Bowl thanks to the top defense in the NFL. Tom Savage is still the starting quarterback in Houston but Deshaun Watson will take that role soon and then fans will see if Houston can finally make it to the Super Bowl.

Texans Riskiest Draft Pick

Julién Davenport was the fourth round pick by the Houston Texans, an offensive tackle that they hope can help shore up the offensive line and provide protection for whoever plays quarterback for the team.

Davenport has a huge wingspan and moves well, so they are hoping he will fill their need at right tackle. The problem is that Houston might need him to start right now since Derek Newton might miss the start of the 2017 NFL season. The Bucknell player will have a lot to learn and might not be NFL-ready when he starts the season.

There weren't many great offensive linemen in the 2017 NFL Draft but there were better choices early on if the Texans needed an immediate starter.

Houston 2017 NFL Draft Score

The Houston Texans believe that Deshaun Watson is their franchise quarterback of the future and if he lives up to the praise by his college coach, they might finally have the man to lead them to their first championship.

Hoston also found success on Day 2 of the 2017 NFL Draft with inside linebacker Zach Cunningham and Texas running back D'Onta Foreman. Linebacker Carlos Watkins is also a great pick in the fourth round, an interior pass rusher who will add depth to an already explosive defense. Overall, the score for the Houston Texans comes down to Deshaun Watson. If he succeeds in the NFL, this is an easy "A."