This year's "WrestleMania" event was supposed to feature a big celebrity match between the biggest man in the WWE The Big Show and one of the biggest NBA stars in history in Shaquille O'Neal. However, it now seems that match is in danger and might not happen at all.

Shaq was talking on "The Big Podcast with Shaq" and said that the "WrestleMania" match with Big Show was probably not going to happen.

The problems with Shaq and the WWE

It seems strange to hear about problems between Shaquille O'Neal and the WWE just a month before "WrestleMania 33." The angle started a full year ago, and the match was seemingly set up shortly after that.

However, according to Shaq, the reason this match might not happen with Big Show is not his fault.

According to Shaq, no matter what "they" say, it isn't his fault, and his management is not to blame for this WWE deal possibly falling through. He refused to say what the problems were and said it wasn't totally canceled but he said it didn't look good.

The Big Show vs. Shaq angle

This whole angle kicked off last year at "WrestleMania 32." The show took place in the home of the Dallas Cowboys and the Andre the Giant battle royal was underway. Big Show was in the ring, and then the WWE introduced Shaquille O'Neal as a competitor in the match.

Big Show and Shaq had a huge staredown, and then both men were eliminated when the other wrestlers teamed up against them.

Then, at the ESPY Awards on ESPN, Big Show approached Shaq on the red carpet and challenged him to a match at "WrestleMania 33, " and O'Neal accepted the challenge.

Big Show has blamed Shaq

Interestingly, this news comes just a week after Big Show came public and said he thought Shaq was trying to back out of the "WrestleMania" match.

According to Big Show, he was training as hard as he could to get in the best shape possible, and it didn't look like Shaq was training or cared at all. Big Show said that if Shaq wasn't going to take this seriously, to do something else.

Shaquille O'Neal responded by saying he was about to start his training for the match in April, just in case it takes place. He said that no matter what happens, he is still in better shape than the WWE superstar.