In one of the more surprising moves of the 2017 NFL free agency period, Nick Foles has returned to the Philadelphia Eagles. According to reports, the Eagles brought back Foles with a two-year contract to come in and back up Carson Wentz. The signing of Foles likely means that the Eagles will be moving Chase Daniel, possibly in a trade before the 2017 NFL Draft.

Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles

This is a surprising move because Nick Foles spent his first three seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. Andy Reid loved him as the future franchise quarterback for the Eagles, and Foles even had a great season under former head coach Chip Keppy in 2013 when he threw 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions, making the playoffs that season.

He even won the Pro Bowl MVP that season. However, things fell apart in 2014, and he lost his job. The Eagles traded him in 2015 for Sam Bradford and moved on. Foles was supposed to be the franchise quarterback for the St. Louis Rams but couldn't hold that job either and ended up as a backup to Alex Smith in Kansas City last season. While there are still teams that need a starting quarterback in this NFL free agency period, it looks like Foles is happy as a backup and is returning to the team he started with in Philadelphia.

The future of Chase Daniels

This move makes Chase Daniels future with the Philadelphia Eagles cloudy. The Eagles wanted to keep Daniels as a backup so bad that they signed him to a huge contract as insurance.

The Eagles can't keep Daniels as a third-string quarterback because they will owe him $8 million for this season alone. The Eagles have been rumored to have dangled Daniels out as trade bait when the NFL free agency period started. Teams like the Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears need quarterbacks, and the New Orleans Saints could use a backup for Drew Brees.

It appears that the Eagles need cornerback help and might be willing to trade Daniels and possibly a draft pick for a cornerback. Now that Nick Foles has returned to the Philadelphia Eagles, they have something to work with now.