The Washington Redskins used their 22nd pick in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft on a position that they were both already deep at on their depth chart, and had question marks about in the near future. The team selected receiver Josh Doctson out of TCU with the thought that he would replace either DeSean Jackson or Pierre Garcon this year when the duo’s contracts ran out. Fast forward a year, and the reality is Doctson hardly played in 2016, and the team still has question marks at the position with Garcon and Jackson both officially becoming free agents on March 9.

Mystery injuries claimed Doctson’s rookie season

During spring mini-camp last year Doctson strained his right Achilles tendon, and was placed on the physically unable to perform list (PUP) until the beginning of the regular season. Oddly enough, the team activated him right before the season and he played in two games, catching two passes for sixty-six yards. After missing a few games following that, Doctson was finally placed on injured reserve in week seven with a left Achilles tendon injury. Doctson visited every specialist he could, but nothing could ever actually be found wrong with him to explain the obvious pain he was in. In the end, doctors told him resting for a couple of months was his only option, with rehab when the pain was gone.

Gruden likes what he sees so far this offseason from Doctson

Jay Gruden hasn’t spoken much to reporters this offseason, but did so briefly this week at the NFL combine in Indianapolis. Gruden expressed his excitement about seeing Doctson looking good while working out on video. “Josh is really working hard, man, and that’s half the battle,” said Gruden.

The overall good news for the Redskins is that team doctors have cleared Doctson and his mobility appears to still be excellent. That should come as music to the ears of all Redskins fans who worry Doctson could become the next Malcolm Kelly, aka Mr Glass.

The skill-set Doctson displayed in college is dynamic enough to compare him to the likes of an A.J.

Green type of receiver, in terms of speed and ability to jump for the ball. That certainly could help quarterback Kirk Cousins and the 30th ranked Redskins redzone offense that only scored 45.9 percent of time from inside their opponent’s twenty yard line last season.

Those who may need a reminder of what Josh Doctson is capable of should take a look at the video below.