The Washington Redskins just completed an eight-pick, ultra-important draft weekend in which the team looked to beef up their defense while filling some other holes. The Redskins have been among the league's worst in terms of stopping the run the last few years and entered the 2018 Nfl Draft looking to change that.

Washington is looking to build a core of both drafted and undrafted players that want to win.

Generally speaking, there are more undrafted players in the NFL than drafted players at the moment. That makes the race to sign undrafted free agents after the draft almost more important than the draft itself.

Below is a look at the eight players the Redskins drafted:

  • Round 1: DT Da'Ron Payne (Alabama)
  • Round 2: RB Derrius Guice (LSU)
  • Round 3: OT Geron Christian (Louisville)
  • Round 4: S Troy Apke (Penn State)
  • Round 5: DT Tim Settle (Virginia Tech)
  • Round 6: LB Shaun Dion Hamilton (Alabama)
  • Round 7: CB Greg Stroman (Virginia Tech)
  • Round 7: WR Trey Quinn (SMU)

Undrafted Free Agents

Not all NFL scouts get it right 100 percent of the time and often times players improve during their careers. Making the UDFA process a very important process that several teams depend on to fill their rosters out and also make sure their practice squads are up to par. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the UDFA (undrafted free agents) the Redskins are reportedly bringing in for a tryout/signing a contract.

Below is a list of the UDFA's that the Redskins have spoken with or signed, this post will stay live and we will keep the list updated as players are added to the roster. Keep in mind that in this process sometimes a player may only get a tryout with the team, rather than an actual roster spot.


- Ryan Markush, WR, Eastern Kentucky U (6-2, 189 pounds)

- Casey Dunn, C, Auburn (6-4, 292 pounds)

- Nick Stevens, QB, Colorado State (6-3, 215 pounds)

- Vontae Diggs, LB, UConn (6-2, 221 pounds)

- Kamari Cotton-Moya, DB, Iowa State (6-2, 198 pounds)

- James Butler, RB, Iowa (5-9, 210 pounds)


- Shay Fields, WR, Colorado (5-11, 185 pounds)

- Quin Blanding, S, UVA (6-2, 207 pounds)

- Matt Flanagan, TE, Pittsburgh (6-6, 260 pounds)

- Martez Carter, RB, Grambling (5-7, 193 pounds)

- Sean Welsh, OL, Iowa (6-3, 295 pounds)

- Mackenro Alexander, CB, Iowa State (5-11, 208 pounds)

- Ty McCulley, OL, CSU Pueblo (6-5, 308 pounds)

- Timon Parris, OT, Stony Brook (6-6, 312 pounds)

- De’Mornay Pierson-El, WR, Nebraska (5-9, 190 pounds)

- Elijah Wellman, FB, WVU (6-3, 235 pounds)

- Mikah Holder, WR, San Diego State (6-0, 185 pounds)

- Davon Durant, DL, Marshall (6-2, 242 pounds)

- Danny Johnson, CB, Southern (5-9, 181 pounds)

- Simmie Cobbs, WR, Indiana (6-3, 220 pounds)

- Cam Sims, WR, Alabama (6-5, 213 pounds)

- Jerod Fernandez, LB, NC State (6-1, 226 pounds)