Before Tuesday night's game, Vanderbilt was projected to be the last team in the Ncaa Tournament. A record of 16-13 and 9-7 in the SEC is apparently good enough for a berth in what is a historically weak bubble year. A win on the road at Rupp would have secured the Commodores spot in the field. They weren't expected to win this game as 10 point underdogs, but the way in which they lost it will likely haunt Bryce Drew and his team for at least some time.

First Period.

Vanderbilt opened the game on fire, hitting three after three until they had built a 26-6 lead in the first half.

During that run, the Commodores held Kentucky scoreless on eight straight possessions and executed effectively on the offensive end. But the blowout didn't last. Pressure and some poor decisions by Vanderbilt allowed Kentucky to creep back into the game. At halftime, the score was 30-24 in favor of Vanderbilt, but momentum was on the Wildcats side.

Second Half.

Vanderbilt came out in the first half looking like they were ready to close. Luke Kornet hit some threes and the offensive was rolling quite well. A technical foul on John Calipari after a Kornet basket helped the Commodores push their lead in the second half into double digits. But that double digit lead was short lived. Pressure again forced the Commodores into costly turnovers.

Malik Monk turned it on, hitting almost every shot he took in the second half. And Vanderbilt had no answer for Bam Adebayo, who was a force inside all game. On the offensive end, Vanderbilt ran sets that resulted in poor three after poor three. Kentucky closed them out late and ended up winning the game 73-67.

What Now for Vanderbilt?

The Commodores proved that they are capable of playing with one of the top teams in the country, but they also proved that they cannot handle a press. The loss drops the team to 16-14 and places them closer to a .500 record in the SEC. The SEC isn't traditionally seen as one of the better conferences in college basketball, and that could hurt Vanderbilt's chances on Selection Sunday. The Commodores will have to hope what they do in the SEC tournament will be enough to land a spot.