The Jets are done with Darelle Revis. The seven time Pro Bowler was on the roster for a majority of his career in the NFL, including his rookie season. But now that Revis is 31 years old, New York has lost interest in retaining him. And it's not hard to understand way. The play of Darelle Revis declined considerably in the 2016 season, as wide receivers consistently beat him on the outside.

Jets 2016 Season.

The Jets finished the 2016 season with a final record of 5-11. This disappointing season came just one year after New York finished 10-6 and narrowly missed the playoffs thanks to the Buffalo Bills in week 17.

Todd Bowles was likely expecting improvement from his roster, but was instead faced with a disaster.

Part of the blame can be laid on a defense that was nowhere close to the quality of 2015's. Free agents, including Damon Harrison, had left the team. Some core players, like Darelle Revis, remained with the New York Jets. But this unit didn't mesh well and was one of the weaker units in the league for a majority of the year.

Play of Darelle Revis.

The Jets cornerback played at a very high level for pretty much all of his career. In 2016, many saw Revis as a below average cornerback who was consistently beaten by consistent and younger wide receivers. But now teams across the NFL will face a question: Is it worth signing Darelle Revis?

Which Teams Could Pursue Revis?

Teams with weaker secondaries shouldn't be afraid to pursue an older cornerback like Revis. Even if he isn't the star he was once, Darelle can add depth to a secondary and mentor younger players as well. A team like the Green Bay Packers, which was destroyed by the Atlanta offense in the playoffs, could use a veteran presence like Revis in the locker room.

Even an AFC East team like the Bills, who could lose Stephon Gilmore in free agency, would have a use for the talented star somewhere. And there's even the potential for Darelle to reunite with the Patriots on a short deal simply to try for a Super Bowl ring with a legitimate contender.

Don't count Revis out just yet. He's still ready and willing to prove his worth to any team willing to give him another shot.