Fred Jackson will go down in Bills history as one of the more memorable players on the team. He might not have led the team to the playoffs, but the Co College graduate worked hard both on and off the field to increase his talent level. Jackson was unceremoniously ousted from the Bills in the Rex Ryan era, but the Bills could now make amends by bringing him back. Should they?

A Bills Legend.

As a younger Bills fan who didn't get to watch Jim Kelly play, I am perhaps most familiar with Fred Jackson, who was one of the most consistent players on the team since he started his career.

Jackson played from the Bills from 2006 to 2014 and had to earn every second of playing time he got. In his time with the Bills, Jackson competed for time with Marshawn Lynch and C.J. Spiller, but never faltered in his production. Even in 2013, Fred Jackson was able to rush for more than 1200 yards and also scored ten total touchdowns. In 2015, the Bills finally released one of their most productive players as a part of roster cuts.

Should Buffalo Bring Him Back?

Fred Jackson has repeatedly stated that he would like to retire as a Buffalo Bill. That's not surprising, because Buffalo was really the only team willing to take a chance on someone from Co College. The city of Buffalo loves Fred Jackson and Bills fans love him back for everything he did while on the team.

And the city would probably love to see Jackson back in a Buffalo Bills uniform.

Unfortunately, the Bills have all the talent they really need at the running back position. LeSean McCoy is easily one of the best running backs in the league and Mike Gillislee is a very solid change of pace back. That would relegate Fred Jackson to the position of third running back, where he would be the backup of a backup.

It's probably not a position he's unfamiliar with, but the 36 year old might have lost one step too many to remain a decent back in this league.

The Bills should eventually sign him so that he can retire with the team, but it's hard to see a player of Jackson's age effectively contributing to what is already the league's best rushing offense.