The Nebraska Football team appears to be close to landing a four-star wide receiver in the current recruiting class. A few weeks back, Manuel Allen had announced he was no longer a commit to the USC Trojans and Nebraska was one of the schools that would be getting a rejuvenated look from the California player.

Since that period of time, predictions as to where the highly ranked recruit might land have been coming in and it appears Nebraska is at the top of the list. Allen, you might recall has voiced his interest in not only playing for this coaching staff, but playing with some of the other players that have committed to the school in the last few years.

Clear front runner

Back when the Nebraska football team was dipping its toes in the Manuel Allen water, it appeared the school had a bare knuckle brawl on its hands against the Washington Huskies. There was a time the Huskers and Huskies were showing up as about 50/50 on the 247Sports Crystal Ball prediction tool.

These days, after several conversations with Allen, the Nebraska football team has become the clear favorite. There is still a long way to go and many miles before Nebraska coaches can sleep, but the feeling in Lincoln has to be pretty good about a recruit of this caliber right now. The Cornhuskers are showing up as leaning 75 percent with the Huskies being the closest challenger at just 12 percent.

Visting soon?

The Nebraska football team is looking to get Allen into Lincoln for a visit in the very near future. Talk is that he might be coming in for the Spring game and that could be a big boon for the team. With a legitimate quarterback battle brewing between Patrick O'Brien and Tanner Lee, there is also going to be some excitement amongst the fans we haven't seen for a while.

Nebraska coaches will also be able to show Allen who will be throwing him the ball, as opposed to the last few years when it was clear a better passer was going to be present soon. Should O'Brien and Lee really light it up and the crowd impresses, Allen could end up committing at the Spring Game.