Ryan Braun is, by most accounts outside of Milwaukee, a jerk. This is the guy who once failed a PED test and tried to take down everyone else as he denied the tests accuracy. Step one was when he blamed the person who took the test, even going so far as to insinuate the taker was an anti-semitic Cubs fan.

Step two was trying to get other well known Wisconsin celebrities like Aaron Rodgers to take up Braun's case.

Step three, well step three was admitting he had indeed used PEDs. That was one of the reasons why Braun is considered a jerk in and around baseball circles. Comments like he made on Friday, are another reason.

Ryan Braun thinks 'we're all in the business of saving time'

Braun's latest comments came when he was apparently asked about his favorite part of spring training. The Brewers' outfielder made the comment that his favorite part was when he lined out on the first pitch.

Braun added that he liked it even better if he doubled on the first pitch. The point of his comments were that he doesn't like spending a bunch of time in spring training atbats at all.

If Braun's point wasn't made before, he underlined it by saying "because we're all in the business of saving time." The outfielder has not hidden his disdain for the preseason and believes it's too long.

Saying he wants to save time isn't the real doozy.

'We're not paid by the hour'

The comments Ryan Braun made after saving time was the real problem and the one that is likely going to bit him in the butt. The Brewer star said Spring Training needed to go quicker because baseball players are not "paid by the hour."

Comments like the ones Braun made tend to come off as a player complaining that he's not paid enough.

It's possible he really believes teams just aren't getting enough bang for their buck, but few will read it that way.

The fact that Braun isn't well liked outside of Milwaukee isn't going to help. The Brewers' star has plenty of people who don't like him. These kinds of comments will likely only add to those numbers.