The Nfc East has been a division of mediocrity the last few season. Last year wasn't the case, as the Cowboys made a playoff run, and the Giants got in the postseason party too. The NFC East is a division with a history, but that's the only thing they have at this moment. Just like always: every team needs something, so let's see what the Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, and Eagles need to bring this division an updated history lesson.

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys had a season that was surrounded by rookies. Dak and Zeke played out of their minds, leading Dallas to a 13-3 season.

You could argue they don't need any pieces, but not so fast. Their defense could use an edge pass rusher.

The Cowboys only got to the quarterback 28 times last season, which could explain why Aaron Rodgers torched them in the playoffs. Randy Gregory underperformed, and he needs to step it up, or go packing. There are many great prospects in the draft, so that is where the Cowboys should look. If you give a QB time, you will get torched and Dallas learned that the hard way, so they need to bulk up on the defensive end position.

New York Giants

The New York Giants had a good season, making the playoffs and having an 11-5 record. Eli Manning seems to be back to his usual self, and OBJ channeled his emotions.

But the lack of a run game is what hurt the Giants in the end, and that's where they need the most improvement. Rashad Jennings was released, as he never lived up to his expectations in New York.

The Giants were 29th in rush yards per game with only 88 yards a game. Adrian Peterson has shown interest in New York, so they might be on the right track if they get him in for a meeting.

If they don't want to pay that kind of money, they can look to the draft, where there is a lot of running back talent. The Giants couldn't generate a run game if they had to, and that's critical even in a passing league like today. The Giants need to get a good back in order to help the aging Eli Manning.

Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins had a shot at the playoffs, but the fizzled down the stretch. Washington has put the franchise tag on Kirk Cousins, trying to keep their franchise QB in town. If they're trying to lock up cousins, they need to lock up some receivers that he can throw to. Pierre Garcon and Desean Jackson are both going to be free agents this offseason, so their top priority is to bring one of them back. If they lose both, Jamison Crowder isn't a No. 1 receiver, he is better in the slot. After that, they have no depth at receiver. This is an area the Redskins should focus on, by signing both of their star receivers back.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles were 3-0 after three games last season.

Then they had an epic collapse finishing 5-11. Carson Wentz is the future for them at quarterback, but he needs more reliable receivers. The Eagles were dropping passes left and right last season. Jordan Matthews was in the top ten in drops last season with six drops.

Nelson Agholor, Darren Sproles, and Dorial Green-Beckham all had four drops as well. The Eagles have been in trade talks for Brandon Cook of the Saints, and Alshon Jeffrey might be a possible player to look at during free agency. If they want Carson Wentz to progress, they need to surround him with reliable receivers.

The NFC East is a division always under the microscope, as it has storied franchises in it. These current teams haven't made a statement of their own, but these pieces could make that happen soon. Every team needs something, and this is what these teams of the NFC East need to make their own history.