Philadelphia Eagles fans have a victory to celebrate this Friday. They didn't win a game or sign a franchise-changing free agent -- free agency hasn't even begun yet. They did move up in the 2017 NFL Draft by a pick, though, when they won a Coin Toss for the No. 14 selection over the Indianapolis Colts.

A meaningful coin toss

The coin toss brought some excitement to the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. While the Eagles were one of the protagonists, it wasn't their play that put the team in this situation. Instead, it was the play of the Minnesota Vikings, who traded their first-round pick to Philadelphia for Sam Bradford before the 2016 season; the Vikings and the Colts finished with the same record last season, necessitating the tiebreaker.

The difference of a single selection in the draft may not seem like much now, but it could make all the difference if the team settles on a target, or wants to make a trade. Ironically enough, the team's original pick went to the Cleveland Browns in a separate trade, which has slotted that team at No. 12. The Eagles, who are hosting the NFL Draft in Philadelphia this year, currently have picks in every round, with two coming in the fourth round.

What to do with the pick

Now that the Eagles have their official selection for the first round of the draft in place, they must determine what to do with it. One potential prospect to select in Philadelphia is wide receiver Corey Davis. The team has a massive need for targets for Carson Wentz to throw to, and Davis has a dynamic ability and solid skillset.

He just doesn't have much experience playing in major competition.

They could also look to deal the selection for a similar cause. The Eagles moved down in the 2014 draft and moved up to grab Wentz in the 2016 draft. This would depend on whether or not the team had a player they set their sights on, both in the draft or on an active roster. Philadelphia has a lot of needs to address, so moving down wouldn't be the worst decision in the world.