The Philadelphia Eagles have had a bit of an up and down offseason so far. Certainly, the signings of Torey Smith and Alshon Jeffery were the high water mark of the free agency period. The massive contract given to backup Nick Foles might have been the low point.

What's right smack dab in the middle right now, is how the team is handling its search for a running back. The Eagles have been slow and steady when it comes to finding someone who could be the featured player at the position next year. Philadelphia still has options, but with one going away in the form of Kenjon Barner earlier this week, the options are more limited.

Jamaal Charles still an option for the Philadelphia Eagles?

One free agent running back that is still out there on the market is former Kansas City Chief Jamaal Charles. Is there any chance the Eagles would want to take a chance on a back who is one of the most electrifying when he's healthy? The problem, of course, is that he's rarely healthy these days.

Charles missed all but a few games in 2016, and that was after he missed time the previous season. If Philadelphia decides they need to go after someone like Charles, fans should hope they have a good backup as well.

Adrian Peterson is the more expensive version of Charles

So far, Adrian Peterson has not been linked to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The former Minnesota Vikings running back has mainly seemed headed to the Green Bay Packers or Oakland Raiders.

There are likely a few Eagles fans who screamed "oh hell no" when they read Peterson's name. He's nearly as often injured as Charles, and his price tag is likely to be higher. Philadelphia fans are likely also well aware of the off-field issues that tend to follow him.

Adrian Peterson might also be the best free agent, at any position left on the board. With a second-year quarterback at the helm of the Philadelphia Eagles, it would make sense to give Carson Wentz some real help on the ground game. It's simply hard to measure the pros and cons of a move like this without knowing if Peterson is truly healthy now.