Aaron Rodgers and the Packers rescued their season last year after a 4-6 start. It once looked like the Packers wouldn't make the playoffs, and a portion of the blame could be placed on Rodgers. But Aaron never doubted his team, which ran the table and won the NFC North by the end of 2017. In the playoffs, Green Bay's offense destroyed a Giants defense that had been elite all season. In the Packers next game, they were dominated by an Atlanta offense that scored on almost every possession. Now the Packers have a chance to improve in the 2017 NFL draft.

Should Green Bay target defense or offense in round one?

Argument for Offense.

The Packers saw Eddie Lacy leave for the Seahawks this offseason and are left with wide receiver/running back hybrid Ty Montgomery, who doesn't truly belong at the position. The Packers have not yet addressed the gaping hole, but could do so by signing free agent star Adrian Peterson or another free agent. It would probably make more sense for the Packers to draft a younger running back, who could be more of the future for the franchise.

But running back isn't the only need on offense. Aaron Rodgers needs another quality guard thanks to the departure of T.J. Lang. Protecting one of the best quarterbacks in the league should be priority #1 for the Packers, who rely on Aaron Rodgers to pull off most of their victories.

Argument for Defense.

As important as offense is in today's NFL, it's important to note that the reason the Packers lost to the Falcons was their defense. The Packers secondary was full of holes and never truly had effective pressure on quarterback Matt Ryan. During the regular season, Aaron Rodgers' excellent play was enough to mask the deficiencies of the defense, but in the playoffs, that defense's weaknesses were exposed.

The 2017 NFL draft features plenty of quality talent at edge rusher and cornerback, which means that the Packers might be able to wait to draft one. But is it really worth it to wait? The Packers main weaknesses were generating pressure and covering receivers. Those holes should be filled with the most talented defensive players the Packers can find.