The Philadelphia Eagles are in the market for a new wide receiver and it looks like the front office has taken aim at New Orleans Saints pass catcher Brandin Cooks. Before Eagles' fans get too excited, they should recognize that Cooks is one of the hottest commodities to be had on the market and Philly isn't going to be the only team looking to add him to the roster. Having said that, the Eagles are one team that has more need than most of the others and that might mean trading away some key pieces for a player that is still under contract in New Orleans.

In need of a receiver

The Philadelphia Eagles have their bright and shiny new quarterback of the future firmly in place in Carson Wentz, but now the team has to do a better job of finding people he can throw to. Last season, Zach Ertz led the team in receptions (78) and yards, (816) and neither of those numbers are anything to sneeze at, especially since the Eagles were going through the growing pains of starting a rookie QB.

The problem for the Eagles las year is that Ertz was the tight end. No wide receiver on the team had more than 75 catches and the team's third-leading receiver in terms of catches was Darren Sproles with 55. What that tells Eagles fans more than anything is that the team needs someone who can step up to make big catches while also stretching the field.

Cooks unhappy in New Orleans

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the Eagles have been paying attention to growing stories of Cooks not being happy to be a Saint in the 2016 season. The paper says Cooks wants to be a featured player, as opposed to just another cog in the wheel. The Eagles are also aware the Saints might have some problems paying their entire talented group of receivers, especially since the team is dealing with an aging quarterback and the potential for a rebuilding era.

In 2016, Cooks caught 78 passes (would have tied for first on the Eagles) for 1,173 yards (first by a long shot in Philly) and eight touchdowns (also team leading if in Philadelphia). All of those numbers seem to indicate he would indeed be a featured player. Now it's just a matter of time and the question of just how much the Philadelphia Eagles would be willing to give up to get that featured receiver.