Could the Philadelphia Eagles be in the market for a speed burner of a running back who has had some problems staying healthy over the last few years? If Jamaal Charles finds himself on the open market, it seems as if Philly might be a good end spot for him and a place where he could look to resurrect his career. There was a time when Charles was considered among the most dangerous backs in the NFL but as he's gotten older and he's had problems staying on the field. The Kansas City Chiefs appear to feel as though they have to replace him and could be cutting him in the near future.

Making the cap work

The Eagles have a bit of room they could maneuver under when it comes to the cap, though they aren't as far under as they would like to be. Going after someone like Charles would likely eat up the amount they have managed to save at this point, unless it turns out the runner can be had at an extreme discount. The team is also expected to be making several moves before free agency officially opens up on March 9, according to ESPN.

One move the team is expected to make when it comes to adding players is a splash signing for a wide receiver (DeSean Jackson?) but getting another running back for the Eagles could be a nice move too. Charles would fit the bill, as long as he is able to pass a physical and could be passed off as mostly healthy at this point.

CJ Spiller makes Charles expendable

The Kansas City Chiefs may have made the ability for the Eagles to get Charles that much easier, thanks to their signing of CJ Spiller. The Chiefs are currently just $5 million under the cap and Charles is set to count for $6 million. It appears the team is going to have to say goodbye to him in order to make more moves later.

If the Eagles did decide to go out and sign the running back, it would certainly be a risk.

The last time Charles was able to play a full season was back in 2014. He played in just five games in 2015 and just three games in 2016. Even in those three games, Charles had just 12 carries. The Philadelphia Eagles need to check out the situation but tread carefully.