Russell Westbrook is having one heck of a season. He is currently averaging a triple-double and has 38 triple-doubles this season, the second-most in NBA history behind the original Mr. Triple Double, Oscar Robertson. Many players who hold records don't want to see someone take their name out of the history books, but the Big O is a different breed. He has said that he is pulling for Westbrook to break his record, and even said he should be the MVP. These are big praises from Mr. Robertson, as he is a Hall of Fame player.

Pulling for you Russ

At the Final Four in Phoenix, the Big O took time to answer some questions for reporters.

Many of the questions were around Westbrook and his incredible season, and he had no issue publicly supporting the Thunder star.

When asked if he wants Westbrook to break the triple-double record, he responded with "I'm rooting for him, I hope he does it," this according to ESPN.

Westbrook needs four triple-doubles in eight games to break the record, so he definitely has a decent shot. Oscar Robertson set the triple-double record with the Cincinnati Royals in the 1961-62 season with 41 triple-doubles. That record hasn't been broken in 56 years, and there have been many great players in that stretch of time. MJ, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Hakeem Olajuwon, and LeBron James have all played and showed their greatness, but haven't come close to the record.

That just shows that this record isn't easily broken, and Westbrook is a generational type player, just like Robertson. Russell is about to join the Big O as the only two players to average a triple-double in a season.

He's my MVP

Not only has the OG triple-double king gave his blessing for Westbrook to break his record, he also said he should be the MVP of the NBA.

Oscar Robertson explains that people actually understand basketball and what MVP means nowadays compared to back when he played. He explained when Wilt averaged 50 PPG and he had his triple-double season, but Bill Walton won the MVP simply because his team advanced further than theirs. He isn't lying, as nowadays MVP means the value of your player to your team, not simply just who moves the furthest ahead in the playoffs.

Oscar Robertson is one of the few past stars that are fine with new stars breaking their records. Russell has his work cut out for him, as he is trying to get a fifth straight triple-double against the San Antonio Spurs on ESPN. He needs four more triple doubles to break the record, and he has his city backing him up, and even the record holder himself.