Free agency is right around the corner. The new NFL year starts on March 9, and that means many names like Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles, and more will be available to sign with any team they want, if the price is right. The NFL combine is also happening, as young talent show their stuff to scouts. In honor of this joyous occasion, let's take you into every division in the NFL, looking at what every team in that division needs from free agency or the draft. Every team needs something, and some teams need the same thing. We will start with the Afc North.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers don't need too much mofre as they have tagged Le'Veon Bell, and gave Antonio Brown a contract extension.

They have a solid offense and a solid front seven on defense. But the one place they need to get pieces is in the secondary. Pittsburgh's secondary was horrid last season, especially in the AFC Championship game when they got torched by the Patriots. Their pass defense ranked in the bottom half in the league, giving up 242 YPG. Opponent QBs had a completion percentage of 64 percent. The Steelers will need to fix their secondary, as it was exposed late in the season, if they want a long run in the playoffs.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are coming off a season they want to forget. They went 6-9-1, and Marvin Lewis is on the hot seat. The biggest piece the team needs this season is an offensive lineman.

Andy Dalton was under constant pressure last season, as he was sacked a total of 41 times last season. The Bengals have an opportunity to resign their best lineman, Andrew Whitworth. The key to keeping a QB healthy and to give your offense a shot, is to have a great offensive line. The Bengals should look to sign offensive lineman, if they want to keep Dalton off the ground and put up some points, as they were ranked 20th in PPG last season.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are coming off a .500 season and are a game away from getting into the playoffs. If we're going by the stats, the Ravens need a running back this offseason. The Ravens were terrible running the ball, ranking 28th in the league with 9l1.4 rush yards per game. They relied on Terrance West last season, who averaged under 50 yards per game.

Some good backs are going to be on the market this offseason, and some good backs will be in the draft as well. Hopefully, the Ravens will get the back they need, and get back to the ground and pound Ravens.

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns need almost everything, and that's not a joke. They Browns were terrible in every stat last season, and have no future in sight. The Browns first need a quarterback. The Browns have had a carousel of quarterbacks since 1996, having 20+ different starting QBs since then. Hopefully, that will grow by only one more, when the Browns actually add a caliber QB. The draft will have some talented QBs and the Browns need to make sure they pick the right one.