If you were talking to a famous NFL player would you know it? A House Fox 26 journalist named John Donnelly didn’t realize he was conducting an interview with star player Adrian Peterson. Donnelly was covering a story on how you can stay safe if you catch yourself in the middle of a road rage situation.

Casual interview turns awkward

What was supposed to be one of those casual news stories you see every day on television where the reporter goes up to random people on the street and asks them questions turned into a funny – and somewhat embarrassing – story for John Donnelly.

Per Yahoo Sports, the best part of this story is the fact that the reporter had no idea he was talking to an NFL star player.

John Donnelly managed to make it all the way through the interview with Peterson without realizing he was talking to someone famous. At the end of the interview, Donnelly asks who he has had the pleasure of speaking with about road rage – still clueless. This is when the NFL player responds with his name “Adrian Peterson.”

Shock and amazement could be heard in the voice of the reporter when he gasped and said “wait a minute, you’re not…” he trailed off and Peterson responded by saying “yeah” after a few moments of awkward silence passed. During the interview clip, you can hear what is likely the reporter’s camera woman – or another member of Donnelly’s crew – laughing and claiming she knew who Adrian was the entire time.

Peterson was likely relieved to have a casual interview

Yahoo Sports points out the other point of view of the story being just as funny as one can only assume the NFL star must have assumed John was going to stop him to talk about his future. As those who follow NFL news know, Peterson is going to be a free agent as of March 9th, as the Minnesota Vikings recently revealed they wouldn’t be picking up his 2017 option.

Chances are pretty good that it must have been somewhat relieving for a reporter to approach Adrian and have a discussion with him as if he were just an average Joe walking down the street.

John Donnelly decided not to keep the embarrassing, awkward, and hilarious interview to himself. He decided to share the interview clip on Facebook and encourage everyone to “enjoy the awkwardness.”