The 2017 Minnesota Vikings line-up currently does not include Adrian Peterson. After missing out on a $18 million season contract, Peterson is now on his way to becoming a free agent on the 9th of March. This will be a first for the 32-year-old player, unless he can negotiate a modified contract with General Manager Rick Spielman for the league year starts. The GM has expressed an interest in welcoming Peterson back this year.

Spielman and Peterson seeking common ground

In an ESPN interview with Josina Anderson on Tuesday, Peterson said that he is looking to explore further options before entering into new discussions with the Vikings.

Speaking at the NFL scouting combine on Wednesday, Rick Spielman said that he had spoken to Peterson, detailing which areas of his performance they'd like to address. He added that negotiations tend to depend on market volatility that is notoriously hard to predict. Spielman says it's down to money, and while shopping around for players in the free market, amounts offered will invariably fluctuate and force the management to reassess their plans in line with the budget.

According to the Vikings GM, their conversation was upfront and open, with the running back understanding what needed to happen before he would be able to return to the team. Most notably, Spielman said that the talks were positive.

Peterson exploring options

In the meantime, Peterson has been exploring his options as a future free agent. ESPN's Josina Anderson revealed that Peterson has been looking at the Oakland Raiders after being impressed with the team's offensive line. Derek Carr, the Raiders quarterback, achieved the lowest sack rate in the entire league.

The New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Houston Texans have also come under Peterson's attention and he is closely watching their stats and strategies. Ben McAdoo, the coach for the Giants, has told the media at the scouting combine in Indianapolis that he would certainly be willing to consider Peterson. As for the Buccaneers, the management has its sights set on Doug Martin now that the running back has left rehab after recovering from substance abuse.

At this time, Adrian Peterson is unwilling to narrow his focus down to any one team. For now, Peterson needs to take the time to reflect on which option might secure more career growth in the future.