The Nebraska Football team has found itself in a rather elite group of schools when it comes to the possible destination of one of the top wide receiver prospects. Florida four-star recruit Joshua Moore had a massive number of schools that were all hoping they could win him over. It turns out Nebraska is one nearly a dozen schools that has stood out during the early part of the recruiting process.

While there is still quite a bit of paring down to be down, the Nebraska football team being one of 10, after originally being one of 58 is something to be quite happy about.

Now the Huskers just need to continue to stay in the conversation.

The Nebraska football team makes the first elimination round

Moore announced Nebraska was one of the 10 teams he is still considering on his official Twitter account on Tuesday night. The other teams that are still competing for the wide receiver's affection are no slouches and the Huskers are going to have their work cut out for them if they want to even be one of the four official visits he's Moore is allowed to take.

The Nebraska football team is one of two Big Ten schools that made the cut, with Ohio State being the other. Moore also singled out Alabama, LSU, Texas A&M, Texas, LSU, Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee, and, Florida State.

Nebraska football and yet another wide receiver

The Huskers have been pretty successful when it comes to going after wide receivers since Mike Riley and Keith Williams landed in Lincoln. The position was among the most impressive in the 2017 recruiting class and there are already several players that are either committed to playing for the Nebraska football program or very interested in doing so.

There are actually so many wide receivers currently being recruited by Nebraska, there is a bit of a question whether or not the school could take them, even if only the top tier athletes all committed to the Huskers. It's a safe bet that if Joshua Moore decided he wanted to come play at Nebraska, the Huskers would find a way to fit him on the roster.