"Wrestlemania 33" takes place in Orlando, Florida, and the most successful wrestler to ever come out of Florida has just said that he won't be at the WWE event. Hulk Hogan took to his Twitter account on Thursday night and informed fans that he will not be at "WrestleMania 33," but he will be at Hogan's Beach Shop Orlando that weekend.

Hulk Hogan and the WWE

Hulk Hogan had a Legend's contract with the WWE, working on publicity and showing up when needed, until 2015. At that time, a video was released of Hulk Hogan making racially insensitive remarks in a sex tape that was leaked to Gawker.

That sex tape, mixed with the fact that it resulted in the termination of Hulk Hogan's contract with the WWE, helped the WWE legend win $136 million in a lawsuit against the company. Gawker appealed the verdict but ended up settling with Hogan for $31 million. However, the WWE has still not opened the doors to Hogan returning to the company. Many thought that Hulk's settlement and some time under the radar would allow him to slip back into the company and it still might happen. When Vince McMahon and his family financially supported the Presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, a man who made outlandish statements himself, it seemed Hulk would be welcomed back as soon as the dust cleared. However, with "WrestleMania 33" just weeks away, it doesn't look like it will happen yet.

"WrestleMania 33" in Orlando

There seems to be no better time to welcome back Hulk Hogan to the WWE than during "WrestleMania 33." It takes place near the home of Hulk and is by the new merchandise shop that Hogan is opening. He will be there signing autographs the entire week of "WrestleMania 33" as well. When WWE insider Dave Meltzer said that Hogan will be back "sooner rather than later," many fans saw these autograph opportunities and the upcoming "WrestleMania" event as signs that he was returning to the company now. However, with the latest tweet, it sounds like Hulk Hogan is shutting the door on a WWE return for "WrestleMania 33." However, that doesn't mean fans can't pray for the return of Hulkamania.