The Nebraska Football team has no qualms about recruiting players that have already committed to another school. The Husker coaching staff proved that yet again with the most recent scholarship offer to an offensive lineman who is currently pledged to Penn State. Nebraska is likely going to have its work cut out drawing a player away from the recruiting juggernaut the Nittany Lions have become but it appears the Huskers feel there just might be some blood in the water. It also shows the Cornhuskers are continuing to go after the best of the best, even if the best has claimed they're off the market.

Offers still rolling in

The Nebraska football team is hardly the only team that is continuing to go after Chris Bleich despite his commitment. As the offensive lineman announced on his Twitter account, Nebraska is just the latest team to go after the four-star player from Plymouth, Pennsylvania. Bleich has been committed to Penn State since April of last year.

Since 2017 has kicked off, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, and UCONN, as well as a ton of other schools, have all gone after Bleich. Despite the massive number of teams that are courting the offensive lineman, it appears that the contest might really come down to the Nebraska football team and the Nittany Lions. If the battle is going to ever materialize, Bleich is going to have to first announce he's no longer committed.

Impressive frame

Bleich has the size and apparent strength to be a big-time player when it comes to the Big Ten. He stands right around 6'6" and has the body that looks like it can push defensive lineman around, without being too big.

This is likely why he has been chased by so many different programs.

Bleich is just the latest highly-rated recruit talked about when it comes to Penn State. Now that the team has shed the punishment that came from the end of the Joe Paterno era, it appears that program might be back and better than ever. While the Nebraska football team made strides in recruiting this season, the Nittany Lions made giant leaps. Stealing a player from them would be extremely satisfying for Riley and company.