LeBron James took a hard hit to his neck in the game against the San Antonio Spurs, and he had to leave the game because of it. The Cleveland Cavaliers got blown out by the Spurs and the fans started to worry if the hit James took could keep him out for an extended period.

Fortunately, there is no reason to worry about LeBron James as he seems to be fine and is expected to play against the Chicago Bulls. The Cavaliers superstar downplayed the injury after the game and will have a two-day rest before the Bulls game, which is plenty of time to get ready for the next contest.

"I'll be ready by Thursday," said James, when asked about his current health situation. (ESPN).

Cavaliers need LeBron James

Without LeBron in the lineup this season, the Cleveland Cavaliers are 0-6, and they need James to lead them to the playoffs and the first seed. It is clear that the team cannot function properly without the four-time MVP as he is a key player and it seems that everything revolves around him. When James is out, the Cavaliers are a much different team and they look nothing like defending champions.

When LeBron James plays, the Cleveland Cavaliers outscore their opponents by 6.3 points and their record is 47-20. However, when he is out, the Cavaliers are winless and outscored by 2.5 points on average.

The next game is very important for both teams

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls will both put on their best show and try to win the next game. The Cavaliers recently lost their first seed and they will try to reclaim it by beating the Bulls. On the other side, Chicago needs this game to get closer to the playoffs as they are currently a game away from the eighth seed in the conference.

While the Cavaliers are a much better team this season, their recent struggles might continue and it is unknown whether they can beat the Bulls. Jimmy Butler has played incredibly well lately and he's on a mission to bring the Bulls into the playoffs. If he can beat the defending champions and LeBron James, the Bulls will have a good chance to make it to the postseason.