The Cavs got their biggest scare of their season, as the leader LeBron James fell to the ground after being elbowed by Spurs forward David Lee. He was on the ground for about five minutes, but eventually made it to the bench under his own power. He went back with the training staff to do more test to determine the severity of the injury.

Many Cavs fans held their breath, as many of them know that the will be no repeat without James. After the game, James said he is "fine" and is preparing to play in their game Thursday against the Bulls.

Ice Up Son

James addressed the reporters Friday regarding his injury and he didn't have to much to say about the injury. According to ESPN he explained the injury saying "I got elbowed in the neck and spine." When asked about him playing the next couple games James replied "I'll be ready by Thursday [in Chicago]," per ESPN.

It appears that James suffered your typical stinger, which is very painful for even the strongest players like LeBron James. The Cavs have Tuesday and Wednesday off, so James might take those days to do the necessary rehab so he is at his desired playing level Thursday.

The Cavs haven't won a game against the Bulls this season so they might have a little extra motivation this game.

James and the Cavs need to get on a roll after being trounced by the Spurs 103-74 Monday night.

Delicate is the word

The Cavs are in a funk, as their loss Monday night caused them to fall to 6-9 in March. LeBron commented on the Cavaliers recent struggles, saying they are in a "delicate state," according to ESPN. Delicate seems like an odd word, but it might be the right word for the Cavs right now.

They have had sole possession of the No. 1 seed in the eastern conference for 129 straight days until they lost it to the Boston Celtics after the loss to San Antonio. The are in one of their worst stretch of games in a while and it seems like nothing is going right. LeBron knows that the team is in a rather tough spot sayin "It's a delicate time right now for our team.

We've got a coupe of guys that's shown leadership, some guys that's been in the fray before leaving their opinions." per ESPN.

The Cavs only have nine games left in their season, and they need to get as many wins as possible in order to get the one seed. James seems fine after his injury scare, but that is the least of the Cavs worries. They need to be better on the defense end and be smoother on offense. If they don't address these issues, this delicate state they're in might lead them into first round exit in the playoffs.