Lonzo Ball is one of the best young stars heading into the 2017 NBA draft. Most mock drafts predict Lonzo to be picked in the top 3. With averages of 14.7 PPG, 6.1 RPG and 7.6 APG on 56% shooting and 42% from downtown, it's not hard to see why. Lonzo Ball should cherish the compliment that LeBron James shared about him, as its rare the King gives young guys, especially guys that are still in college, a large compliment.

LeBron's compliment

In the midst of the back and forth talk between LaVar Ball and LeBron James, the man known as King James had a short statement for the young athlete, saying:

"I actually like his son.

I like his game".

This statement was gone unnoticed due to the other comments LeBron was sharing with ESPN, about how LaVar Ball should not speak badly about his kids or his family at any extent. However, it's not hard to realize why LeBron James might approve of Lonzo Ball's game. Lonzo averages a very high assist total for a college player, and is a very willing passer. That's similar to LeBron, who loves to get his teammates involved, and takes more joy from seeing his teammates succeed over himself. This is a trait that LeBron has mentioned his son (Bronny) also holds. A trait James' is very complimentary of. Lonzo Ball also shoots the ball (no pun intended) at a very efficient level. Shooting over 50% from the field, and not taking a whole bunch of shots is something Zo does well.

And believe it or not, that's something LeBron James does very well also. So it seems they share some of the same traits on the basketball court. A very unselfish and efficient playing style, which has allowed them to both be very successful at their levels on competition.

LaVar needs to quiet down

LeBron respects Lonzo's game, and Lonzo has no problem with LeBron James, so there shouldn't be any friction between these two elite basketball players.

But the Ball father, LaVar, is causing friction to happen with his off court comments. These comments could come back to bite him when his son laces up to play against NBA superstars, especially the ones his dad has spoken poorly of.