It seems that every other day LeBron James is moving up another spot on an all-time regular season list. King James is currently sitting in 8th place all-time in scoring, 13th place in assists, 75th in rebounds, 20th in steals and 127th in blocks. As LeBron consistently puts up solid numbers on a game by game basis, he constantly moves up these lists and is on his way to pass another legend.

Move over Maurice Cheeks

LeBron James is currently sitting at 13th place on the NBA's all-time assists list with 7,370 career assists. He is just 22 assists behind Maurice Cheeks, who is in the 12th place on the list with 7,392.

LeBron James is averaging 8.8 APG this season, which statistically shows that James' will need three games to pass Maurice Cheeks on the list. This predicts LeBron will pass Cheeks in a game against John Wall and the Washington Wizards on March 25th. Maurice would just be another name added to the list of players King James has passed on the NBA's all-time assists list this season. The list already includes the likes of Guy Rodgers, Bob Cousy, Tim Hardaway Sr, Terry Porter and Lenny Wilkens.

Best passing season of his career

LeBron James is moving steadily up the all-time assists list, and a big reason for that is due to his remarkable season as a passer. The King is averaging a career high in assists per game at 8.8.

This is also an NBA record for APG in a season from a frontcourt player. To put this into perspective, LeBron James already has 41 more assists this season than he had last season. He played 13 fewer games than he did last season. LeBron needs 97 more assists to solidify it as his best passing season, as James' would statistically have the most assists he's ever had in a season.

While everyone focuses on scoring, LeBron campaigns up to that particular ranking, LeBron's climb of the assists list is going unnoticed. But it won't be long before he is in the top 10 all time. That would be a record-breaking mark, considering LeBron James is a forward, and everyone else on the list is a point guard.