The Cleveland Cavaliers were once though to have a guaranteed lock on the top seed in the Eastern Conference. In recent weeks, that has changed. Now the Boston Celtics occupy the top spot in the East, after a disastrously bad loss for the Cavaliers against the Spurs.

Cavaliers Destroyed by Spurs.

On Monday night, the Cavaliers lost 103-74 in a rout. LeBron left the game early when it became clear that it would be a rout. Despite the early exit, James led the Cavaliers in scoring with 17 points. The next highest scorer on the team was Tristan Thompson with 11 points.

Neither Kevin Love nor Kyrie Irving scored in double digits.

The fact that the Cavaliers couldn't even be competitive in a road game with the Spurs while playing their top three players has to have the team concerned. This game certainly doesn't disqualify the Cavaliers from winning another championship, but it's hard to see them coming close when games like this one happen.

Eastern Conference Challengers.

Unlike last year, there are two teams in the Eastern Conference capable of challenging the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Boston Celtics, led by Isiah Thomas, have taken over first place. Brad Stevens has his team playing at a high level, even without a star.

And the Washington Wizards are no joke either.

John Wall and Bradley Beal took the Wizards from the bottom of the Eastern Conference to the top after the first few games of the season. DC fans are finally starting to take notice and Washington now has the support it needs to legitimately challenge the Cavaliers in the East.

Not a Championship Year?

The Cavaliers look like anything but a championship team right now.

They're not playing at a high level currently and look extremely vulnerable even in the Eastern Conference. When Cleveland plays a powerhouse in the West like the Spurs or Warriors, will they really be able to compete?

Even LeBron James can't win a championship on his own. Basketball is a team game, and the Cavaliers will only win another championship if they can play better team basketball than what they showed against the Spurs on Monday night.