Rafael Nadal along with the other Big Four members changed the way people nowadays look at tennis. Almost all known barriers were torn down throughout the process having Rafael Nadal as one of the game changers. His long and fruitful career is again riding the wave as the Spaniard tackled the current season with such a strong belief. A runner-up at the 2017 Australian Open, Nadal is looking to the upcoming clay court swing having high expectations in his mind. It's extraordinary how years went by, and in Miami Nadal is about to reach a surreal milestone concerning matches played as a professional athlete.

A triumph in Miami would have a double meaning

Already qualified for the quarterfinals in Miami, Nadal has accumulated under his belt a total of 998 matches in singles. If he'll survive to the next two encounters then, the final itself with mark the 1001 match for the Spaniard. It would be great to seal it with a trophy as Miami has been not a fertile ground for its four times runner-up. Now ranked as the world no. Seven but with a positive trend ahead, Nadal went through some dark days not so long ago. Even so, he seems now in big form and the context would help him. Djokovic and Murray are currently subject to injuries and recovery which leaves the Spaniard to hold off against his lifetime rival Roger Federer.

Not in the same part of the draw in Miami, they could collide again in the final.

Clay swing could mean the 15th Grand Slam title

Having won his last Grand Slam back in 2014 at the french open, Nadal saw a great opportunity at the Australian Open, but Federer didn't agree. The upcoming clay session will give another shot to the Spaniard.

His beloved French Open will cap a 2-months journey all over Europe's best clay areas. Widely regarded as the great of all times on this particular surface, Nadal would cement this label if he will prevail at Roland Garros. Moreover, it'll be his 10th success on the French clay, a milestone that any future star of this sports will find it out of his reach.