The Cleveland Cavaliers currently sit in first place in the Eastern Conference and a portion of that success can be attributed to one of the greatest basketball players of all time, LeBron James. James has led the Cavaliers through a difficult season but still has Cleveland on track for another championship run. But it's somebody else who originally mentored James and helped him to become the player that he is today.

Mentorship and Leadership.

Sometimes, both fans and athletes forget that basketball is a game. Even the best NBA players need to be prepared for a life after basketball, as it is not permanent.

Stars like LeBron James may not have to worry about it, but other NBA players definitely do. And even though James no longer needs to worry, he wants to thank those people who mentored him throughout his journey.

Even the greatest player in the world needs some encouragement once in a while! And James can thank those people who pushed him in the past now that he is the best basketball player in the current NBA.

But James didn't stop there.

Advice for Coaches Out There Today.

In today's world, players and athletes aren't pushed as much. College coaches don't want to see a kid leave a program or be unhappy within a team environment. So instead of pushing someone, they try not to offend someone. LeBron James sees this as a mistake.

James just wants to see those leaders and mentors that he had in the past become mentors for the younger generation of the future.

If LeBron wasn't pushed as hard, he doesn't believe that he would have become what he is today. The King closed his Twitter rant with the following Tweets.

It's awesome that James wants to see what was done for him continued in the future.

The next James hasn't yet emerged in basketball, but you better believe that the next great player will have had mentors and leaders in his life who pushed him to be the best. And even life advice from those mentors is extremely valuable. Basketball coaches Out There should strive to be role models for their players and support them as much as they can. That's what LeBron's leaders did for him, and it's what basketball players deserve from their leaders.