Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton has praised one of his guys, David Nwaba. L.A. native Nwaba, who signed his second 10-day contract with the Lakers on March 11, has had the contract expire this week. The Lakers can't give a player a third consecutive 10-day contract -- they can sign him for the remainder of the season, or send him back to the NBA D-League. Nwaba's future has yet to be revealed, as he hopes to stay on the team at least for the rest of this year's NBA season.

''We will go upstairs and have one more meeting about it,'' coach Walton told reporters during Monday's practice, in an interview which can be found on the Lakers Nation YouTube channel.

''He (Nwaba) has been great and I want to keep him, but it's also other guys we want to look at. So, we're going to go up there and meet right now, and make that decision.''

Nwaba is a competitor

David Nwaba has played in 10 games for the Los Angeles Lakers during his two 10-day contracts. He didn't stand out particularly with his numbers -- 3.6 points and 2.0 rebounds in 14.4 minutes per game. However, he loves to compete and the things he tends to do are not shown in the stat sheet. Nwaba, who debuted in the NBA when he was signed by L.A., needed some time for adjustment. He was assigned to some tough tasks during those 10-day deals.

''He's just getting more comfortable obviously,'' coach Luke Walton added of Nwaba.

''You know, what's great about David he's not scared of any challenge. You know, we had him sit on the bench for three quarters and then guard Isaiah Thomas, and then guard Kyrie (Irving) last night, LeBron (James) last night. He's never overwhelmed by the situation, which is really impressive for, you know, somebody of his circumstance.''

What will happen if L.A. decides not to sign Nwaba to another contract

The Los Angeles Lakers currently have 15 players on their roster, and that's a maximum for an NBA team.

If the Lakers decide to get rid of David Nwaba, that means the team can bring another player for some testing. It remains to be seen what will happen with the Nwaba case, as the decision should be revealed on Tuesday.

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