The NFL news is heating up as we inch closer to the start of free agency. In a day where news was overshadowed by Tony Romo's impending release by the Dallas Cowboys, many other NFL deals went unnoticed. One of those deals was down in Miami, where the Dolphins locked up arguably on of their best receivers last year. The Dolphins locked up Kenny Stills on a four-year deal with the Dolphins.

Going deep

Since Kenny Stills came to Miami when he was traded by the New Orleans Saints, Stills has been a reliable No. 2 receiver in Miami. In his two seasons with the Dolphins, Stills has played all 32 games with the team.

This year he began to come into his own, making himself a deep threat in the passing game. Stills averaged 17.3 yards per catch last season, which was third among receivers last year. He also hauled in nine touchdown passes tied for seventh in the NFL among receivers. He caught a total of 42 receptions for 726 yards last season. Stills found his groove last season alongside rookie head coach Adam Gase, so there is much upside for the four year pro.

Money talks

Stills was going to be a free agent this year, along with many other talented receivers. The Dolphins signed him to a four-year, $32 million deal. 20$ million of that is in guaranteed money. Many insiders speculated that if Stills hit the free agent market he might get a better deal, about $10 million a year instead of $8 million, what he will be paid now.

Stills probably felt more comfortable staying in Miami rather than trying his chances anywhere else. This deal gives the Dolphins room to attempt to sign their other star receiver Jarvis Landry when the time comes, because he is due for a big contract.

Locked and loaded

With Stills being in Miami for the foreseeable future, the Dolphins have now placed weapons at Ryan Tannehill's disposal.

With Stills, Landry and DeVante Parker as the top three options for the QB, his number should soar this year. A late season injury to Tannehill prevented the Dolphins from peaking at the right time. The Dolphins' main priority this offseason was to make sure they keep their talent in house this offseason, and they did that in resigning Stills. Miami is poised for a run at the AFC East crown, and having a dominant offense is a way to do so.