Miami Heat forward Josh Mcroberts is making progress and there is a chance that he will return this season. McRoberts appeared in only 22 games of the season before going down due to left foot injury. According to the Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra, the forward is making progress and the possibility of his return has not been ruled out.

Considering that the Miami Heat are making a playoff push, this update brought them good news as they need every player that is available to play. The Heat simply cannot allow more players to get injured as that could be very costly.

McRoberts' return would mean that they can count on one more player to help them make the playoffs.

Josh McRoberts has a long history of injuries

McRoberts signed a 4-year contract with the Miami Heat in 2014, but has appeared in only 81 games since then. Although he had a few solid games for the Heat, his bad luck with injuries has cost the team a lot, as they couldn't count on one of their best big men.

Josh McRoberts has played 22 games this season and started in 14 of them. During these games, the big man averaged 4.9 points, 3.4 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game, while playing under 20 minutes every night. His last game was against the Pelicans in New Orleans last year, as he went down after scoring 3 points in 15 minutes.

If he can return this season and play in just five games, it could benefit the Heat tremendously.

McRoberts' return is not certain

Erik Spoelstra did not say that Josh McRoberts will certainly return, but pointed out that there is a possibility of that happening. Considering that his injury is really bad, no one expected him to be back and many counted him out for the entire season.

Even though he has appeared in only one third of the season, Josh McRoberts shot 41.9 percent from three-point range, which is one of the best shooting percentages on the team. His offense is decent, and besides being a stretch big man, McRoberts does a fantastic job sharing the ball and getting his teammates involved. If he does return this season, he will most likely not have a big role on the team, but if he can play only 15 minutes per game, that would be a boon for the team.