Josh Gordon desperately wants to get his career back on track. To do so, however, he has had to get his life in order. Drug addiction has derailed his personal life and professional career to the extent that it seemed he may never play football again. That may still be the case, but he took the first step by applying for reinstatement.

Applying for another chance

Michael Johnson, Josh Gordon’s business manager, told the media that he would be applying for reinstatement on Wednesday. Johnson claims that the wide receiver has been living with him and is arguably in the best mental shape of his life.

He also stated that Gordon was in the best physical shape since 2013, when he had a breakout year for the Cleveland Browns.

Gordon spent a month in a New Hampshire rehabilitation facility back in October. Just a week before he was eligible to apply for reinstatement during the 2016 season, the receiver announced his decision to seek inpatient help for his problems. It was a necessary step for him to show his team and the NFL that he is working past some real demons. Now, he may have a legitimate shot to suit up and play once again.

Strong comeback candidate

Before personal problems tattered his career, Gordon was one of the most promising wide receivers in the NFL. After being taken in the Supplemental Draft (due to problems stemming from his college days), the receiver had a strong rookie season in Cleveland in 2012.

In 2013, he made the Pro Bowl and led the league in receiving yards.

Since then, however, Gordon has played in just five games. He recorded 303 receiving yards in 2014 before being suspended by the NFL, and then the team for separate infractions. He then lost the entirety of his 2015 and 2016 seasons due to suspension. If he could recapture the magic of his first couple of seasons in the NFL and stay out of trouble, he could become a key piece of the Browns (or whatever team is willing to take a chance on him) going forward. Reinstatement is the first step, though.