The Buffalo Bills have a big decision to make. They've already chosen to retain defensive tackle Kyle Williams. Will they choose to retain quarterback Tyrod Taylor? In an Instagram poll, the Buffalo Bills organization actually asked the question. And that's ridiculous. If the front office doesn't already have a plan in mind, somebody needs to get fired.

The Tyrod Taylor Question.

When the Bills gave Taylor a huge contract extension before the start of the 2016 season, there were plenty of questions. The team friendly deal gave Tyrod a reasonable sum of money for his 2016 year, but the Bills retained an option to terminate the contract in 2017 if necessary.

The Bills would be on the hook for a much larger sum in 2017 if they did choose to keep him, limiting their already tiny amount of Cap Space.

Taylor's 2016.

Taylor threw for just 3000 passing yards in 2016, but did so on a team that led the league in rushing behind star back LeSean McCoy. Taylor threw for 17 passing touchdowns during the 2016 season and threw just six interceptions, taking care of the ball more than any other Bills quarterback in the past ten years. And Taylor was also a huge rushing streak, accumulating more than 500 yards rushing and scoring six rushing touchdowns as well.

But no Playoffs?

Despite the solid play of quarterback Tyrod Taylor, the Bills failed to make the playoffs.

Part of that blame can be placed at the feet of head coach Rex Ryan, who frequently mismanaged games. Another portion of the blame can be attributed to a defense that was supposed to be one of the team's strong points but was instead one of the weakest points. But some of the blame can be placed on Tyrod, who seems incapable of winning without a lead.

Can Bills Afford Him?

I think the better question is if the Bills can afford not to have him. Who are the alternatives? Buffalo would probably have to burn a draft pick just hoping to find someone with more talent than Taylor. Buffalo might not have a lot of cap space, but signing and retaining Tyrod Taylor should be the team's top priority in the 2017 offseason.