As we continue in the NFL offseason, we get news of a once star in the NFL looking for a chance at redemption. Browns receiver Josh Gordon, has reportedly applied for reinstatement in the NFL. Gordon has had a lot of off the field issues that has derailed his career to this point, but he feels he has put those demons behind him and is ready to dominate the league.

Past Demons

Josh Gordon has always had his off the field demons even before he was in the NFL. In his college days, he was dismissed from Baylor and Utah for failed drug test. When he came into the NFL and had issues from the jump.

In 2013, he was suspended two-games by the NFL for violations of the substance abuse policy. In 2014, he was suspended by the NFL for ten games for violating the substance abuse policy and then he was suspended by the Browns the final two games of that season because he missed team's final-walkthrough the day before the game. Gordon obviously had his troubles and with nobody putting him in check about his issues it continued to spiral out of control.

The Browns made it public that they have moved on from the troubled receiver, as they drafted themselves four receivers during Gordon's absence, and they let former QB Terrelle Pryor play wide receiver, and it worked out for them, as Pryor got better and they have a chance to re-sign him to a long term deal.

Gordon will have people doubting if he can stay out of trouble, but according to his manager he is in a better place.

Better place, better days

Josh Gordon has had some time to get his mind together, as he hasn't played in the NFL for one year or so. He actually entered rehab in a New Hampshire facility in October and spent 30 days there.

As I stated before, his manager, Michael Johnson said "he is in a better place, Josh is living with me and is in the best place mentally that he has been in dating back years before entering the NFL. He has taken the proper steps to treat his issues and has followed a very strict protocol that the league and our team here has laid out for him.

He's also in the best shape of his life and feels even better than he did when he had his breakout year in 2013." (ESPN).

Gordon seems primed for a special return, and I for one would take a chance on Gordon because when he played, he was a monster receiver. In his 2013 breakout year, Gordon caught 87 passes for 1,646 yards, which led the league. He was a down field threat, high-pointing the ball and also making many of his yards after the catch. In 2013, he also had nine touchdowns. In 2012 he had over 800 yards and 5 touchdowns. Brown has proven when he is on the field he can be a dominant force, but if his is indeed reinstated, he needs to be clean and stay out of trouble.

I'm hoping Gordon gets reinstated and finds a teams that can use his services as he can be a star talent. I am a fan of Gordon, and a change of scenery is all he needs to get back to being a 1,000 yard receiver. Best wishes to Gordon.