At 12 P.M. today Georgetown will play their final regular season game against the second ranked Villanova Wildcats. For Villanova, this game represents a chance to lock down a top seed in the NCAA tournament. Georgetown will just be trying to save face in a season that the team would probably like to forget.

Georgetown's 2016-2017 Season.

The Hoyas have a 14-16 record and a Big East conference record of 5-12. That's a massive disappointment for fans who were expecting a much better performance from a more seasoned group after the team also finished below .500 last season.

Low points of Georgetown's current season include an embarrassing home loss to DePaul and an even worse loss to Arkansas State at McDonough arena. Barring a miracle in this year's Big East tournament, Georgetown will have missed the tournament in three of the past four seasons.

Rumors at Georgetown.

On Friday afternoon, a petition signed by both students and alumni that gathered almost 1500 signatures was delivered to the athletic office. The document called for the removal of head coach John Thompson III at the end of the year. But rumors swirling around campus suggest that Thompson could be terminated even earlier. If Villanova wins in a blowout on Saturday, John Thompson Iii could be gone.

What Happened?

Once upon a time, John Thompson III helped coach a team with stars Roy Hibbert and Jeff Green to the Final Four. Since then, it's been nothing but failure after failure for the Hoyas. They've been upset by Ohio, NC State, Florida Gulf Coast, and Davidson in recent seasons. Davidson was acceptable, but the other losses aren't.

The ancient Princeton offense that the team runs is part of the problem. The other problem, especially this season, is that the team's defensive effort and energy has collapsed. Georgetown used to be known for defense, but allows 71.8 points per game, 167th in the NCAA. Rebounding has been another huge issue. Offensive rebounds happen regularly against the Hoyas and it seems like nobody on the squad has been taught how to properly box out.

Players, instead of finding a man to hit, stand and watch, hoping that the rebound comes to them.

Georgetown students and alumni have finally had enough. They want to see a change at the head coaching position, and John Thompson III could be out of a job by the end of the day.