Thrill seekers love Roller Coasters. Six Flags parks know that, and they build some of the best roller coasters in the world to accommodate them. Six Flags may not have as many roller coasters as a park like Cedar Point, but they do a great job with the rides that they do have. Let's count down the five best roller coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure.

1. El Toro.

It's not the tallest or the fastest ride in the world, but the wood-steel hybrid makes up for it by being both smooth and thrilling. Riders are taken up a very fast incline and go around a turn before getting tossed into the ride.

El Toro twists and turns, but remains surprisingly smooth for a wooden roller coaster. El Toro is ranked 2nd on the Coasterbuzz top 100 rankings for a reason.

2. Nitro.

Nitro's slow ascent to 230 feet in the air builds suspense for riders who are soon dropped from that distance. The ride reaches a top speed of 80 mph and doesn't slow down until the end, when riders are taken over some thrilling camel humps that make the riders feel like they are flying out of their seat.

3. Kingda Ka.

This Top Thrill Dragster knockoff broke records for height when it was released in 2005. It remains the world's tallest roller coaster and features a launch that allows riders to reach a top speed of 128 mph. The roller coaster features one giant hill and one giant drop, making it much shorter and less fun than the previous two rides on the list.

4. Bizarro.

When it comes to inversions, Bizzaro doesn't disappoint. It truly feels like the rider is suspended upside down most of the time, even though riders are not. The pace of the ride and the thrilling nature of the inversions make Bizarro worthy of a spot on this roller coaster list.

5. Superman.

Green Lantern doesn't get this spot for the simple fact that it's an uncomfortable stand up roller coaster.

Superman is a thrilling ride in which passengers are parallel to the track the whole time. That novelty makes for a unique ride experience that you can't really receive from any other roller coasters in most parks.