When it comes to deciding who the Philadelphia Eagles should take in the early part of this year's NFL Draft, there are a few names that consistently pop up. One of those names is former Oklahoma Sooners running back Joe Mixon. There is very little doubt that Mixon has the talent to be a successful player in the NFL. What is being questioned, apparently by almost every team in the league right now, is whether or not he has the mental makeup to survive in the bright lights and big cities of professional football.

Joe Mixon the player

If the Philadelphia Eagles look at nothing more than what Mixon did on the field, the former Sooner might seem like a no-brainer when it comes to taking him early.

He might even be a first round pick, based on what he did and what his potential might allow him to still do. Mixon spent just two years in college (partly because of off-field issues) but showed he was easily one of the most electric players in the NCAA. His freshman year, he ran for 753 yards and seven touchdowns, while also catching 28 passes for another 356 yards and four touchdowns. His Sophomore year, Mixon ran for 1,274 yards and 10 touchdowns, while catching 37 passes for another 538 yards and five touchdowns. The kid has talent.

Dealing with Joe Mixon the problem

There is a reason why you are likely seeing more of these articles pop up these days. The Philadelphia Eagles are far from the only team that is trying desperately to figure out whether Mixon's talent outpaces his problems.

This is a guy who was caught on video tape, punching a woman. If that sounds familiar, then you likely remember former Ravens running back Ray Rice. Rice hasn't set foot on an NFL field for quite a while now and that video is absolutely why. There is some talk that Mixon might get the benefit of the doubt, simply because he was young and dumb. That seems like a weird double standard that might survive sunlight. While the Eagles might be taking a look at Mixon, it doesn't seem like a gamble that will have a big enough payoff.