Well, this is quite the entrance into Green Bay. Martellus Bennett just signed with the Packers during free agency, but the tight end already has a welcoming gift for all of his new fans: a Rap album. It's actually an EP, but the five-song compilation still provides unique insight into one of the most interesting players in the NFL. It also has a fun title, just in case you were confused about his occupation.

'I’m Not A Rapper But Some Of My Friends Are...'

That's the name of the five-track rap EP from the mind of Bennett. He released the record through his SoundCloud account.

MatchBoxTony, Low Down, David Allen Dope, Keith Jacobs, Franchise Tief and Shaun Money are the "friends" being referred to who lend their vocals to the tracks. The Packers star's songs include "Dinosaurs & Dinomite," "ShaqFu," "I Love Cali," "Whole Foods," and "100%."

In the description of the EP, Bennett discussed that this was a project born from friends simply hanging out in a recording studio. He also mentioned that the rap project was just the beginning of a "creative journey" to take place this year. Packers fans simply hope he'll produce on the field, but he has a lot of grander plans in mind, if his past is any indication.

Inside the mind of an artist

This is not the first foray Bennett has made into the rap world.

In 2009, the NFL fined him $22,000 for putting an explicit song on YouTube. He released an album, "Fast Food," with his brother Reshaud. He also had a free mixtape he released through Twitter, called "Year of the Orange Dinosaur."

The tight end's interests span beyond music, though. He is also invested in art, writing, and film.

"Zoovie," an animated short film with rapper Asher Roth and ESPN personality Cari Champion aired in 2015. Bennett has also written a children's book, "Hey A.J. It's Saturday" and is starting his own company, The Imagination Agency. As long as this isn't a distraction on the football field, the Packers won't mind getting such a vibrant personality in their locker room.