When the Green Bay Packers signed tight end Martellus Bennett this offseason, it made headlines for a variety of reasons. One reason the signing got so much attention is that the Packers appeared to be revamping their offense by signing both Bennett and a second tight end in Lance Kendricks. The other reason the Bennett free agent signing raised so many eyebrows is because the tight end is known as a bit of a wild card in the clubhouse.

This doesn't mean the former New England Patriot is a bad teammate. Most of those who have played with him say just the opposite.

What it does mean, as one former coach put it, is that Martellus will "keep you on your toes."

Former coach discusses new Green Bay Packers player

ESPN recently spoke to Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase about the kind of interactions he had when Bennett played under him on the Chicago Bears. Gase was the offensive coordinator during the 2015 season. In talking about the fact that the talented tight end will keep people on their toes, the coach added, “If people have an issue with it, it’s probably because Marty doesn’t have much of a filter,” Gase told ESPN. “He’s going to say what he wants to say, and if you get offended, he’s not really going to care. So you’ve just got to have thick skin.”

Gase wants to make it clear he doesn't believe Bennett's personality means he doesn't have a passion for the game.

While the coach wouldn't be specific he did seem to indicate that the tight end can be a thorn in the side of his coaches every now and then.

Packers general manager thinks personality shakeup could be a good thing in Green Bay locker room

The Green Bay Packers' general manager Ted Thompson was asked whether or not he believed Bennett might be a problem in what is normally a rather low-key locker room.

Thompson told ESPN he sees Bennett as a "bit of a renaissance man." While he didn't go into great detail on just what those comments pertained to, he did add he felt the different personality would be a good thing for his team.