Goran Dragic has gone through a lot of pain during his NBA career as he gets constantly hit by the opponents. Dragic had a bad time again last night, as the Toronto Raptors guard Cory Joseph hit his face with an elbow while driving to the rim. Joseph was called for an offensive foul while Dragic kept laying on the floor, then leaving to the locker room shortly after.

Miami Heat will play their second game of a back-to-back today in Indiana and there is a big chance that Goran Dragic will sit this one out.

Miami Heat need all the help they can get

With only half a game behind the eighth seed in the East, Miami Heat need everyone to be ready to play and step up.

There are only 16 games left in the season and every single one of them counts, as the Heat are looking to make another playoff appearance this year. With Goran Dragic unavailable, Miami will need their backup guards to do a great job, especially Josh Richardson who hasn't been really good since coming back off an injury.

This was not the only injury the Heat have dealt with recently, as they had only eight players available for their game against the Charlotte Hornets four days ago. Even with three players out for the entire season, Miami Heat have still found ways to win games, be dominant and chase the playoffs.

Goran Dragic is Heat's leading scorer and it won't be easy to replace him

Dragic leads the Heat in scoring with 20.1 points per game and he is having a very good season.

The guard is not only shooting efficiently from the field with 48.4 percent success rate, but he is also one of the best three-point shooters in the entire NBA. He has been one of the best and most efficient players in the league for the past two months, and there is no doubt that Miami Heat will miss his presence on the floor.

So far in the season, Goran Dragic has missed eight games and Miami Heat are 1-7 in those games. He is one of the most valuable Heat players and he is virtually impossible to replace. However, the Heat are used to losing their key players and they will somehow adjust to one game without their starting point guard.

Miami Heat have played against Indiana Pacers twice this season, winning both games. They match up quite well against Indiana, but without Dragic and with no rest, the Pacers might be too much for the Heat today.