The Cavaliers are currently sitting in the second seed in the Eastern Conference. This comes after losing their first place spot to the Boston Celtics, after falling to the Spurs in a 103-74 affair. It will likely be a race to the number one seed between the Cavs and Celtics in the final few weeks, which will decide between a few first round opponents the Cavs will face.

Indiana Pacers

As the Indiana Pacers currently sit in the 7th seed in the East, and the Cavs currently are at 2nd, this looks like the most likely opponent. If the playoffs were to start today this would be the Cavaliers first round matchup, but with a fair share of games left in the season a lot can change.

The Pacers have a record of 37-36, a record which is also shared with three other teams which will be mentioned.

A loss here, a win there can change a lot for these teams, it is hard to predict who will eventually finish with the 7th seed. Another LeBron vs PG playoff series would be very fun though, something that brought lots of excitement a few years ago when they faced off in the conference finals.

Miami Heat

This would have some sentimental value, a team LeBron James played for in 4 straight seasons, winning 2 NBA championships. The fans still hold that respect for LeBron but will also want to tear his team apart because of his decision in 2014. With some brilliant performances recently, the Heat have brought themselves right into the playoffs and could be a likely opponent in the first round for the Cavs.

They currently sit in the 8th seed with a record of 35-38, with the Chicago Bulls right behind them looking to sneak in front with a record of 35-39.

Milwaukee Bucks

The 37-36 young, lengthy and talented Milwaukee Bucks led by The Greek Freak look very dangerous heading into the playoffs. They are currently sitting in the 6th seed, but a lot can change before the end of the season standings wise.

Lately, they have had some ups and downs, but still look likely to be in the playoffs come April, and look like a likely opponent for Cleveland.

Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks have met with the Cavaliers in both of the last two seasons, both didn't end well for Atlanta. Cleveland brought out the brooms, defeating the Hawks 4-0 in 2015 and 2016.

This year may be very similar. The Cavaliers and Hawks completed a trade earlier in the season, which gave Cleveland sharpshooter Kyle Korver and Atlanta veteran Mike Dunleavy. This could make for a very interesting playoff series. The Hawks currently sit in the 5th seed with a 37-36 record.