When an NFL player hits his 30’s, his value seems to go down. This makes it hard to find a team who will take a chance on the athlete. Injuries and a down season add some negative factors to the mix. Here are some veteran ex-Buffalo players who want to get back on an NFL roster in 2017.

Fred Jackson

At 36-years-old, Fred Jackson still wants to play football. The running back was a Buffalo fan favorite and had a great career with the Buffalo Bills. He scored 30 touchdowns and close to 6,000 rushing yards. After pulling off a 43-yard touchdown in Buffalo’s final pre-season game in 2015, Jackson was surprisingly cut from the team.

The Seattle Seahawks signed him to a one-year deal. Mainly used as a third down back, Jackson had more reception than rushing yards with the team. He was also reunited with old teammate Marshawn Lynch. Jackson played in his one and only post-season game that year, which the Seahawks lost. If Jackson cannot secure a new contract this season, he can fall back on his SEAR Steakhouse that opened in downtown Buffalo last year. Jackson co-owns the restaurant with former Buffalo punter Brian Moorman and cornerback Terrence McGee.

Mario Williams

Once a scary menace on defense who could easily intimidate quarterbacks with his sacks, Mario Williams is a different player. He played with Buffalo for 4 seasons and racked up 43 sacks with the team.

However, his last year with the team under Rex Ryan was filled with controversy, as players complained about Williams’ lack of effort and not wanting to drop in coverage. He only recorded 5 sacks in 2015 and the Bills cut him in the offseason. The Miami Dolphins picked him up, but his performance has only declined. He had 1.5 sacks and was benched during the season.

Miami let him go in February. At 32 years old with a major dip in productivity, Williams may have a hard time finding another team to sign him.

Dan Carpenter

Former Bill Dan Carpenter is trying to find a new team. He had a rough season with Buffalo last year, missing 6 extra points and a few manageable field goals. His inconsistency was not something that new coach Sean McDermott wanted to risk.

Carpenter was one of the first cuts made. He is looking for someone to pick him up. However, his dismal extra point percentage puts him at a disadvantage. At 31 years old, the Nebraska native may not get the contract that he wants.