When you think of the Buffalo Bills, athletes such as LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins come to mind for the guys who make the great plays. Yes, McCoy and Watkins are stars. However, it takes people around them to make everything work and run smoothly. The Bills have a few players, who many not get the fanfare that they deserve, but are key elements to wins. Here are the team’s underrated players.

Mike Gillislee

When a guy is playing behind Shady McCoy it is hard to get the recognition that you deserve, but rusher Mike Gillislee is a solid running back.

Last year, “Touchdown Mike” put up close to 600 yards and 8 scores. His one-two punch style differs from the shifty McCoy. Speed and finding holes is where this Bill excels. Best of all, he manages to find the end zone.

Kyle Williams

Kyle Williams will be starting his 11th season with the Bills. If you ask a sports analyst or Bills’ fan to list Williams’ worst game, most of them would probably have to pause and scratch their head. Why is that? Williams does not play bad games. He comes to every match-up prepared and ready to play his best defensive game. He has 40.5 sacks and 345 tackles for the team. Kyle is one the locker room leaders and holds his teammates accountable when they are not working as hard as they should.

Consistent and steady, Williams is the defensive glue that holds this team together.

Robert Woods

As a number two receiver, Robert Woods has done a lot to show he is worthy of being a wide receiver. In 5 seasons with Buffalo, he has close to 2,500 yards. He finds ways to get himself open and made many clutch plays last year.

In Buffalo’s match-up with Seattle, Woods racked up 10 receptions for 162 yards. He is quick and agile. The Bills need to find a way to keep Woods on the roster this year when he hits the free agency market soon. Wide receiver is their weakest position

Jerome Felton

Fullback Jerome Felton may not have wowed people with his 57 yards of rushing, but his blocking for McCoy was a key ingredient to Shady finding holes and bursting through them.

Felton is a free agent this year, but Buffalo may decide to keep him in another year. A couple of McCoy’s touchdowns were the result of Felton’s superior blocks.

The Buffalo Bills need to keep these guys on the roster.