In a viral video that has taken over social media, South African footballer, Mohammed Anas who plays for Free State Stars FC committed a major blunder when giving a shoutout to those who contributed to his success. After being named the ''Man of the match," Anas appears to have drawn attention away from his success to the post-match interview where he mistakenly thanked his wife and girlfriend.

Here is what Anas said

Anas was quoted saying: ''Firstly I appreciate my fans, (And) my wife and my girlfriend. I’m so sorry, my wife! I love you so much from my heart.

Thanks for supporting me, there is more to come." (Telegraph).

Anas defends his hilarious blunder on live television

He tried correcting the error but it was taken that he was obviously an unfaithful family man. In news reports circulating, Anas has come out to say that the girlfriend he erroneously mentioned in the shout-out was his daughter. According to him, he usually calls his daughter his girlfriend and she was the person he was referring to during the interview.

Social media became a beehive of activities with Anas' blunder trending. The fact that he earned an award for putting up such a wonderful performance for his team, was literally swept under the carpet. He managed to secure a 2-2 draw with Ajax Cape Town on Friday evening.

This was not considered anymore. Instead, what seemed to dominate the media was the blunder he committed. He was trending as ''the greatest man of the match speech of all-time.''

He is also happy with the publicity his blunder has created

Speaking in his viral video, he said that he was surprised at the rate at which it drew traffic.

According to Anas, the ''negative'' publicity has made him more famous. He also took the time to acknowledge his wife, saying that she knows the kind of man he is, so there was no need for her to raise eyebrows over his speech. He also added that he loves her so much and she has blessed him with two beautiful children. It will be interesting to see what effect (if any) this blunder will have on his career.